Becoming a SAPCReN Member

SAPCReN is a network of clinicians and researchers that contribute and/or use data generated in real world primary care clinical settings to inform practice or answer questions relevant to primary care. Whether you’re interested in developing your own study, examining your practice, or contributing to the work of others, SAPCReN is a great way to get involved in primary care research. 

SAPCReN can assist its members with proposal development, applications for research funding, development and implementation of research protocols, and analysis and dissemination of findings. SAPCReN members also have access to specialized methodological support through the Departments of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary.

An annual meeting for SAPCReN members is held each fall in Calgary, Alberta. These meetings are designed to facilitate collaboration and networking with other members, as well as discussions about current project, member ideas for future projects, and updates from other primary care research networks in the province.

SAPCReN members may be eligible for participation in the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), Canada’s first national primary care electronic medical record (EMR) repository. CPCSSN collects de-identified data from multiple EMR systems of a representative sample of family physicians or nurse practitioners and their patients. Participating clinicians received routine, detailed reports of their panel and clinic data, designed to support monitoring or evaluation of their practice.

If you are interested in joining SAPCReN, please visit the contact us section of this website.

For Researchers

In order to respond consistently to requests for access to southern Alberta CPCSSN data or the involvement of providers/practices for the purposes of trials or other studies, the following criteria must be met:

1. The study must have a primary health care provider or researcher in a leadership role (principal investigator or investigator);
2. The study must be judged by the SAPCReN committee as being important, relevant and timely for primary care system development; 
3. Any costs associated with implementing the study in SAPCReN clinics must be accommodated within the project budget;
4. All participation by SAPCReN clinics, providers and patients is voluntary;
5. All participation by SAPCReN itself is voluntary.


To place a request for SAPCReN-CPCSSN data or resources:

· Please contact SAPCReN in the early stages of your study design to discuss the suitability of the SAPCReN-CPCSSN data and/or resources for your study (

· For approved projects, the following two documents should be submitted to our online portal or emailed directly to
     1) Research ethics approval
     2) Detailed study summary or protocol