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SAPCReN partnerships

SAPCReN is also one of eleven primary care research networks from across Canada that contribute data to the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), a multi-disease electronic medical record-based surveillance system in Canada funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

CPCSSN collects data on a number of chronic diseases to help understand the epidemiology of disease in primary care contexts and improve patient outcomes and health system processes. This information is shared with governments, planners, health care practitioners and researchers.

Enhancing Alberta Primary Care Research Networks (EnACt) is an infrastructure to support and enhance Alberta's existing practice-based research networks, such as SAPCReN. Supported by the AIHS Translational Health Chair in Community-Partnered Scholarship, its mission is two-fold: support research in practice, and support research on practice.

Research inpractice is the creation of the "practice-based evidence" we need to answer the questions that practitioners and primary care teams have. This is conducted through pragmatic trials.

Researchonpractice is as much quality improvement as research. These projects are directly useful to the practices that participate but also generate knowledge that can help others.

EnACt is dedicated to engaged scholarship; projects should be co-developed with the community of practice. EnACt will assist community physicians across Alberta and academic investigators at both medical schools to develop ideas into projects and secure funding to conduct them. For further information please contact Tanya Barber, EnACt Research Coordinator, tkbarber@ualberta.ca

SAPCReN's local, provincial and national partners

SAPCReN's local, provincial and national partners

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